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Any product manufacturer can stick a label on a box. Few know how to make it stop a consumer in their tracks.

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Selling a product the size of a shoe box takes ideas far outside one.


Any product manufacturer or producer can stick a label on a box.


But, powerful, branded packaging and product labeling begins with big ideas. Period. If you want your products to grab attention off a shelf or at the size of a postage stamp scrolling down Amazon, you have one avenue for success—original, powerful graphic design fueled by creative thinking targeted to your specific audiences.


Ah, but there's one more important step.


Smart graphical ideas never see the light of the day unless the product marketer has the unusual ability to recognize true creative thinking and is willing to take bold steps to go for it.


Guts and truth. That’s how you build a world-class brand.


When it comes to one-of-a-kind branding and package designs, at Lamb Creek, every single project is custom-crafted never stamped out factory style. We strive to insure that every label, bag, sign, logo, every ad, every website, every television spot we create has a touch of "hand- art" to it. in our DNA. After all, like fingerprints, no two companies are exactly alike.


Truth communicated through art with an eye on business purpose. 

That’s what Lamb Creek does best.


Dave Rogers

Tent-making Pastor/Owner-Lamb Creek


Lamb Creek is a new day, digital ad agency based in Kerrville, Texas just north of San Antonio, due west of Austin.