Live Debt Free.

God wants everyone to live debt free. If you find yourself under its’ heavy burden, rest assured the Bible is full of instruction for lifting debt’s heavy load. Of the many types of debt, the Lord’s Prayer teaches that unforgiveness places one in a debtor posture. In His prayer, Jesus hands us an amazing key to debt absolution. He says, “Look if you want your “debts” forgiven, do the same for those who owe you.”

Learn to live debt free. Forgive others their debts against you.

For many years now, My wife and I have been under a huge debt. This came about through our own mismanagement coupled with economic factors that increased the load exponentially under the laws of compounding interest.


Three years ago I lost my job. Three weeks after that, my wife lost hers. We were not bitter, nor did we point blame. We remained at rest, trusting He would take care of us. Accompanying that was a unusual sense of excitement, knowing we were in a position to learn more of His provision than we could ever learn if we had steady paychecks.


As Christians it has always been important to do what we say. We believe we honor our Heavenly Father by keeping promises we make and paying off debts we incur even if it brings hardship our way.


But as time went on, paying the debt became increasingly heavy. And I said, “Lord I can’t possibly pay this off in my lifetime. It’s too great.”


October 12 we got a call, late at night by some people that had lent us a vast amount of money. They said, “The Lord has been stirring in our hearts. This is not a “gift”. He told us He wants us to make an offering of all you owe us to Him. Your debt is wiped out.” These people are not millionaires— far from it. They are hard working and frugal. I knew the debt they were “offering” to forgive, represented years of their life. Years of waking up day after day and working hard long hours. Years of sacrifice, carefully saving and investing the fruit of their toil. This was no easy “offering” from people that had an infinite supply. But in a way their massive “offering” was easy because they love the Lord. He is far more valuable to them, than what they own.


But I knew what was going on. What was going on was Jesus. He was thinking about my wife and I. We were on HIS mind. Jesus wanted to lift our burden of debt. He is all about paying your debt. And you know what? It didn’t come cheap. We look at God and we think He’s got all these vast resources. He does. But to pay your debt costs Him everything. Everything that was precious to Him. His only Son, Jesus­—it cost His precious blood. It cost Him suffering torment for your sake—to be tortured—to die a horrible death—to face the enemy in Hell. No, paying your debts did not come cheap. It cost Him everything. And He was willing because you are precious to Him.


Let me tell you something. Do you want to walk free today? God wants you to do so. It is very, very important to Him. It is intensely important to Him. The most important thing on His heart is YOU.


Many are laden with debts of all kinds. Some are financial. But there are other kinds of debt such as holding unforgiveness toward others.


Some reading this have been molested as children and you can’t forgive the person that did it. Every day of your life you wake up with anger in your heart. With others it’s rejection or having grown up in a home ruled by the tyranny of addictions. Others cannot forgive yourself for things you have done.


The unforgiveness debt load can be lifted in an instant. It has already been paid for in full. The payment is in a heavenly bank account ready to be drawn upon the moment you forgive those toward whom you hold unforgiveness. I read an article recently about a revival in China in the 1920-30s. The Shantung revival. I found a first hand account about a young man named, Ka Chung Shen that hated Christianity. Ka Chung had been wrongly accused of murdering his own father and was thrown in prison. The real murderer had hired witnesses to swear Ka Chung was the one responsible for his own father’s killing. In prison, the young atheist came to know Christ. While there Ka Chung came to a place where he was able to forgive the man who murdered his father and put him in prison. He completely erased the debt owed him. He was able to do that because he had come to know the forgiveness of Jesus Christ for all his past sins. (You can read Mr. Ka Chung Sheng’s full testimony online at: ).


You can say, “You don’t know what has happened to me.” You say, “You owe me” in your heart, “You molested me.” “You cursed me.” “You caused my business to fail.” When someone has stolen from you, they have become a debtor to you.


Whatever your debt of unforgiveness is, it is not greater than what you have been forgiven of.


Why do you think Jesus gave the example in the Bible of the man who had been forgiven a vast amount, but he wouldn’t forgive a little bit to someone who owed him?


Through the work of Christ on the cross, we have been forgiven by God for infinitely more wrongs than what people have done against us.


You don’t have the luxury as a Christian not to forgive. It’s too heavy of a heavy load to carry. You want to see blessings flow? Forgive those who have wronged you.


Why does Jesus go to the trouble to leave us such a powerful blueprint in the Lord’s prayer? “If you want the Father to forgive you, then forgive those whom you owe.” This part of the “Lord’s Prayer” are not magic words. They are not some incantation one says by rote then declares “Oh that prayer is so sweet,” then goes away unchanged.

The truths in this prayer hold the power to break bondage in your life. They hold the key to breaking oppression in your life.

Forgive others as you have been forgiven. Start living debt free. Today.

From a spontaneous sermon Sunday morning, October, 13, 2013

Dave Rogers, Pastor of Church of the Hills in Ingram, Texas