removing malware from a website

What’s in a name? Nothing if the world doesn’t even know you exist.

Lamb Creek website design malware repair what is in a name online store-front Kerrville TX

Sometimes all we have is our good name. So, when it’s hidden in confusion, business stops and commerce comes to a screeching halt.

When your online store-front is hit by malware, the consequences can be immediate and deadly to the bottom line.

That was exactly what happened to Sante Fe, New Mexico based Turquoise Butterfly. The Turquoise Butterfly, an artistic retail business located in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico had launched an online, web-based store-front to catapult their products in markets far beyond their landlocked borders. Their website positioned them as a world-player in sales of uncommonly beautiful jewelry, pottery, clothing, furniture, and southwestern art.

But then the malware tsunami hit.

The unexpected sucker punch slowed online sales overnight. Scary stuff.

That’s where Lamb Creek came in. Not as some Lone Ranger on a white horse, but with intelligent, keenly focused website skills. Soon the malware was extricated and Turquoise Butterfly was back up and running safely.

God forbid a malware tsunami would ever hit your online business. But if it does, give us a call. Perhaps we can help keep your good name in front of the world’s eyes.

"Thank you so much. You and Kelley have been absolutely great and we will definitely use you again! I am sure we will have other things come up and you will be first on our list!" Barbara Rice, Owner,


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