Social Media Burnout

Many are beginning to experience the initial onset stages of “Social Media burnout”.

Chris Brogan has a good article today he titled, “Social Media Fatigue”. (If you haven’t heard of him visit his website: Chris and team have the “Human Business Works” and are all about helping individuals and businesses come up to speed with everything about Social Media.

Chris provides a number of wonderful tips worth considering about how to overcome this fatigue.

But I have another more personal take on “Social Media Fatigue”.

I am wondering if perhaps the problem isn’t


far more systemic.


Could it be that the real reasons for the fatigue are related to social media “burn-out”? After all, how many good “stories” can one read in a day? How many “friends” can one really have? Social media has been likened to a “cocktail party”. How many cocktail parties does one want to attend in a week? Or a day? I don’t even LIKE cocktail parties. Now a good Texas BBQ is a far different matter.

Could it be that many are suffering from so much socializing at arms length they crave old fashioned time with a friend face to face? Or time spent growing a vegetable garden? Or simply relaxing with their toes dipped in a snow fed creek?

In a recent post I mentioned what I have come to suspect may be happening. I have classified it, “Business Angst”. The source of this malady (aside from not trusting God to care for us) is far too much time spent in the phenomenon now known as ”Social Media”. In my case involvement in Social Media, aside from time with real friends is also a form of long term branding. So, it is hard not to have some time in it. But the “branding” components of it take immense volumes of time and effort, like a dizzying, endless stream of wearying cocktail parties. Enough.

I understand geek types live online. But I am convinced all of us were designed for much, much more of a balanced lifestyle consisting of real relationships. The answer isn’t in the next hottest online social platform, it is has to reside first in living in balance within life itself. First with God, who designed us and loves us. Then by living life as He has called each.

Looking for answers to your own “Social Media Fatigue?” Walk with God in the cool of the day first. Spend the next steps as you were designed. Avoid too much Social Media, in fact only take it by the teaspoonful.

Written by Dave Rogers, Lamb Creek Current     ©2011 Lamb Creek Advertising