Some call them testimonials. Really, they are kind words from some good friends and clients about advertising and Lamb Creek.

Over the last few years, buyers have radically changed the way they buy, but sellers have not kept up by changing the way they sell.

Kristin Zhivago, 'Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy'

REV. BERT WAGGONER Former National Director, Vineyard Churches, USA

"There are some people in life that we are compelled to call special – special because of their devotion to the Lord, personal integrity, and deep desire to walk out the Christian life as Jesus intended for us to do. Dave is one of those people. I have known Dave for over twenty-five years and know of no one that I could more wholeheartedly endorse in terms of his life, his walk, and his work."

DAVID MILLETTE Author/Publisher, Connect2Truth Books Today in Science Class

"I can’t speak any more highly of my experience with Lamb Creek for my book cover design. Some people have the ability to take an idea and make it look better than you could have imagined on your own. God has granted Dave with that ability and I am very thankful that He allowed me to discover him. Having the opportunity to work with another Christian on my Christian book was a wonderfully rewarding experience. I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Lamb Creek to anyone in need of Christian design services. "

BILL FONTE Author/Publisher, Ranell Publishing This is Life Eternal

"Working with Lamb Creek Ministries has been a wonderful experience. After searching through many cover designers their ministry impressed me the most. They took an interest from the beginning in reading the book to see what the Lord would show them what needed to be on the cover. It came from their heart. It was totally different from what I had originally came up with yet it is the perfect cover for what the Lord is saying through both of us. I am already looking forward to working with them for the next book. They are truly a blessing from the Lord."

Sharee Moore Author, Stolen Angels

"Feel free to add this design to your web portfolio and I am more than happy to be a reference for future customers. It has been great working with you ... I hope that you’d work with me again on future projects."

BATTLE CALL MINISTRIES Director, Battle Call Ministires

"The director's name has been kept anonymous at his request' "Lamb Creek exceeded our expectations in every way. Your customer service, creative abilities, and execution of our plans were second to none. I can confidently recommend Lamb Creek to anyone, knowing they will be pleased with your integrity and quality of work."

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