Some call them testimonials. Really, they are kind words from some good friends and clients about advertising and Lamb Creek.

The formula for success is really quite simple. Unleash the entrepreneurs. Get out of their way. Give them dollar for dollar tax credits for every unemployed person they hire. Let them dream and risk and build.

Mark Stevens

Kristin Zhivago, Zhivago Management Partners, Inc. Author/Publisher Roadmap to Revenue


"Lamb Creek team—Thanks so much for a successful effort—so much work—so much appreciated—so much like the great end result!"


Charles W. Page, MD Author/Publisher Surrendered Sleep


"Dave Rogers and the Lamb Creek team hit a home run on the graphics for my book. The creativity in design went far beyond my expectations.The team took personal interest in my work and even read the book before beginning the design. In so doing they were able to blend the “big ideas” of my work into the cover. They responded to my questions in a timely fashion. Their quality services were definitely worth the investment. Its good to know there are still folks out there who view their “business” as an opportunity to minister and serve others. In my grade book—Lamb Creek gets a big A+."


Janet Shay, Sable Creek Press Owner For Men Only: Overcoming Sin

"We found Dave willing to go above and beyond what we initially agreed upon. He was patient and kind as we worked to get our cover just right. He is a true professional and someone we would recommend for quality cover work"

Joseph A. Gattuso Managing Director, The Wild Olive Press LLC The God of Calvinism and Mystery of the Mazzaroth

"Looking for a cover designer? Are you a Christian publisher looking for an artist who can do professional work at fair prices? Worried about communicating over the internet and finding someone you can trust? My experience with Dave has answered every one of these concerns. This artist has a true servant’s heart; a superb eye for design, color, and layout; and a particular gift for working together with the publisher to produce the right expression of the author’s intentions on the cover. You will engage him once and then want him to do all your work—but please, leave him a little time to do the covers for my future books"

Wayne Marcy Author/Publisher LoveHoly

"Working with Lamb Creek was one of the most memorable experiences of my business career spanning 40 years. I started somewhat apprehensively because I had no experience in publishing and no idea what I wanted. On top of that I had too small of a budget to expect a whole lot. When Lamb Creek was done I had a book cover that was getting rave reviews and marketing materials I was proud to send. The biggest thing that impressed me however was their taking the time to sense God's heart in my book. Now I know dedicated people, talented people to guide on my future projects. You can most certainly trust them with yours."

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