What's New from the Streams of Lamb Creek?

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is the acknowledgment of weakness. Bring your weaknesses to the front of the line, acknowledge them, and learn from them. Think of them as a valuable tool rather than trash to take out.

Tim Jahn

CANDOR415 Logo Design-A Whole New way of working together

All companies have some form of guiding principles that set the course for how they do business and how they work together. The best use Biblical truths. One of those is San Antonio, Texas based home remodeler–Southwest Exteriors/Renewal by Andersen.

Their leader approached Lamb Creek with an idea inspired by Jack Welch from GE, Sam Walton, and the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:15. The inspired concept was their team would give out a monthly award dubbed the “Candor415 award”  to the person most candid with the owner about how he treated them in ways not in alignment with the principles of Christ. That concept takes both guts and a desire to be the best one can be.